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Welcome to Major Saravanan Memorial Trust

“SS - 36288W Major. Mariappan Saravanan, was commissioned in the First Battalion of Bihar Regiment on 11th March, 1995. A brave, sincere, dedicated and courageous officer always led from the front. On the fateful night of 28th May 1999, he was assigned the task of capturing a well-fortified post at the height of 14,229 ft in the Batalik sub-sector. The officer brought his company into action and launched an assault on enemy position on the 29th May 1999 at 0400 hrs. Despite intensive fire of the enemy with automatic weapons and artillery, charged to volley of bullets with utter disregard to his personal safety and fired rocket launcher on enemy bunker killing 2 on the spot. In this fierce fighting he sustained splinter injury. Despite having been injured and facing heavy volume of fires he eliminated another 2 enemy personnel. He was hit by another burst on his head and succumbed to injury on 29th May 1999 at 0630hrs and made the supreme sacrifice in the service of the Motherland.”

For his committed professionalism and exemplary leadership, Major Saravanan was awarded the “VIR CHAKRA” posthumously. His father Lt.Col.A.Mariappan,AMC, served as a Doctor in Indian Army. For the rare strength of heart and mind, Saravanan’s mother has been titled “THE MOTHER OF THE NATION” and Major Saravanan was named “HERO OF BATALIK”